Take the Stress out of the Holidays

Get a 60-minute intensive strategy session to start experiencing the holidays - and have a calm, energized, joyful holiday season, empowered in body, mind and spirit

What you’ll get out of this strategy session:

Stress kills. At the very least, it ruins our expectations for the holiday season; it kills the joy. How? Well, you begin preparing your perfect Chanukkah or Christmas meal for family and friends. The house is Martha Stewart perfect. The smells are delicious and the music has you humming. You all sit down to eat and your heart swells with the joy of the season then one relative, then someone who seems to do it every year, says something that brings the festivities to a crashing halt. Old arguments arise, unresolved issues pull a chair up to the table and the chaos begins. Your head and soul are drowning as the joy and laughter stop. You feel yourself and others shutting down as the positive energy gets sucked out of the room.  

Facing this, it can be difficult if not impossible to remain positive, joyful, blissful and filled with love If this is the kind of holiday you dread, then I have a healing solution for your wounded spirit.  

I created a healing solution based in my experience of living in Denmark for over a decade. I have created an empowerment intensive strategy call that will help you use a Danish lifestyle concept to create a great holiday season. This lifestyle technique is employed by nearly 6 million people - and Danes are the world's happiest people! I will help you use it to transform chaos, crisis and confusion into clarity, calm and confidence just in time for the holiday season. You will come away from it with a personal toolkit filled with tips, keys and strategies to create a heartwarming holiday season that is stress-free. We will find a solution that will enable you to have a great holiday season. You will transform from overwhelmed to calm and joyful. You will be empowered with practical, inspirational and motivational information and guidance. It gives you the confident, calm, happy, and inspired lifestyle you desire. From Thanksgiving, Diwali, and Channukah though Christmas, Kwanzaa and New Years, you deserve the best. Click here to get it:


• Journeying together, we will find the root of your holiday distress and use techniques to clear the negative energy from your body an balance you.  

 •When that fmily member or friend drops the "bomb" that usually blows up the holiday gathering, you will consciously recognize it fo what it is, beable to avoid the negative felings nd stay in your joy!  

• Journeying together in that hour you will refresh your mind and heart as you gain a clear understanding of behavor patterns that cause the holiday distress and new ways you can repond that result in joy, love and peace.

• You will experience more love, joy and peace; you will be able to more readily express it as well as receive it during the holiday season.  

From now though Jan. 18, 2018 I am offering a Holiday Hygge sessions for $65. After that, you can have session for $30. This is my gift to you!!  


This affordable session will give you holiday peace and joy aAnd you get a FREE BONUS meditation video for bookng!

Barrett Clemmensen Powell, life strategist, speaker and author will facilitate your stress-busting session. She designed the empowerment intensive as a mini-version of her 6-month transformation program ,The Empowered Woman. "I am here to bring you clarity, confidence, calm, joy and inspiration!"

Tools & Strategies

You get a practical toolkit for dealing with your holiday stressors; a meditation sesson is also included as a BONUS gift

Clear Insight

You get insight on using your spiritual path to create calm and ease

Next Steps

You finish the session with a holiday plan and blueprint to start 2018

“Barrett is great! She has a way of seeing things very clearly and knowing what you are avoiding. She directs your attention so you must review possibilities and make choices.”

Christina C.

“I put down my guard, spent an intense day with Barrett and she really cared. She really CARED. ”

Lisa D.

Don’t wait, maximize your holiday season today.